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12% Humic Acid

12% Humic Acid

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Product Description

Humic Acid Liquid (12%) is a Bio-Stimulant that is easily soluble in water and is a blend of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. It is non-hazardous to the environment and will not contaminate ground water or soil. It makes toxic substances less available in the soil. It can be applied directly to the soil, or through foliar and drip irrigation.


1) It supports in root development.

2) It improves the soil's porosity and water holding capacity.

3) It improves nutrient uptake and drought tolerance.

4) It boosts photosynthesis in plants.

5) It stimulates microbial activity in the soil.

6) It helps in the maintenance of A-Biotic Stress.

7) It improves the size, weight, colour, and lustre of agricultural produce. As a result, the yield and quality of the produce are increased.
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